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What We Do

Our job is to deliver the services that the customer needs in software development and design.

We can do everything from software maintenance to a full lifecycle of architecturing, planning and analysis to actual implementation (making the software) and testing.
We can also train Your staff, and bring them up to date on patterns, new technologies etc.
Planning / Specifications
Planning a big project can be a dauting task. Also, planning it the right way is very crucial. Having a team of experienced professionals to handle this might be a good solution.
We do everything for You:

* Interact with Your people and map out the requirements / challenges
* Analyze everything from usability to performance culprits
* Write good documentation based on the requirements
* Follow standard methods of communication
* Divide everything up in reasonable tasks (spills over to the management domain)

We can also assist and advise the planning done by Your people.
Software Design
It can be hard to figure out how to design Your software. Therefore we can evaluate Your needs and design the software for You. It's always nice to get an extra set of eyes to view the challenges.
We can provide a full solution based on thorough planning and analysis of Your software project(s). We can also assist architects and software designers in Your offices.
Software Development
Short of professional developers? We can step in from day 1 and implement any existing specification or specifications made by us.
We also can maintain software that already is in production.
Our team of professional developers will develop and assist, and will be self propelled from the word 'go'.
Professional Training
To be kept up to date isn't always as easy as reading an article or a blog.
Our experts can come to Your office and train Your staff in patterns (how to design software the "right way") and keep them up to date on relevant technologies.

We will do the hard work in researching new tehnologies and save You the expenses of sending the staff to expensive seminars.
Our experts can come to Your offices to provide high level project management ranging from dividing something up in tasks to forming development teams.
We can make Your team work together more efficiently and have increased dynamics between Your people.

We are also known to the Scrum process amongst other ways of managing projects.
Production software and legacy software might need to be extended or have extra maintenance. We can provide efficient assistance to keep the software up to date, and implement the features needed. We are good at getting into existing software quickly, and get the job done.
In-house and On-site Consulting
Having software development offices
in Kristiansand, Norway allows us to provide in-house software development and save You headache of setup, hardware, and maintenance. Our expert(s) will visit Your local office, gather the requirements, and get it developed at our local office.

In case of on-site, our expert will work at Your office but can bring his/her own laptop if You do not have a proper setup.